2012-2013 Club Membership Programs and Events


TC@fosu is planning to start holding regular events based on popular demand starting later this year. Send us your ideas as to what events and activities you would like to participate in—the resulting list will be curated and posted here once we are ready to roll them out.

New Study Abroad program

Starting this term, tc@gdou club will be offering consulting and test prep lessons exclusively for new members who join before October 30th, 2012!

Lessons will help learners to prepare for standardized exams such as IELTS Academic and TOEFL which have become the most requested exams for international university application by institutions worldwide.

The course will start in October or November and run until the end of the school term ending in the second half of January. Only 12 seats will be opened with students from 佛大(FOSU) main campus being considered in priority.

The course may be extended through the spring semester upon popular request.

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